Adventures of the Green Sister

Join me in the adventures of the Green Sister, where nobody knows what will happen... including the author!


Green Sister 56

Mark opened his mouth, as if to call out to Lee, but GS reached over and grabbed his arm, squeezing it. She shook her head "no" as he looked over at her. Until they knew what was going on, she thought, it was better to let Lee call the shots.

Lee walked up to them, with no recognition in his eyes.

"You are to come with me," he said. His voice was without inflection, almost robotic-like. "There are severe penalties for trespassing in the yallapalla fields."

GS's nerves increased their tingling. She didn't want to go with this robotic version of her cousin. She could pick up no sense of the Lee she fought with and loved. She had to help him somehow, though. Apart from his mother, he was the last family she had left.

On an impulse, she stuck out her hand. "Hi, I'm Green Sister and this is my friend, Mark."

Lee stared at her hand, then turned his back on them. "Follow me."

GS slowly lowered her hand to her side, glanced at Mark and shrugged her shoulders. Hopefully, they would get the chance to figure out something to do if they could get Lee alone.


Green Sister 55

As the machine stopped, GS leaned over toward Mark and said, "Something's not right here. My danger alarm just went off, but just lightly. Be on guard. I don't know what's going to happen."

He nodded to indicate he heard her.

The door opened and the rope ladder snaked out of the door. The driver leaned back and looked at them.

"Okay, this is it for me. Someone will be waiting for you at the bottom. I have to get back to work."

Mark and GS clambered down the rope and stood looking around as the machine retracted its legs and flew off in the direction they had come from. The first thing GS noticed was the quiet. Apart from a low throbbing coming from the orb, there were no sounds. Children dressed in black played in front of their colorful houses, but there were no sounds of laughter or words. It seemed almost a crime to disturb the silence by talking, so GS leaned close and whispered in Mark's ear.

"This is strange. Have you ever seen children this quiet?"

Before he could answer, a small flying machine, shaped like a cigar, came from the direction of the orb and hovered near them. A door opened in the side, steps came out and Lee walked down to the ground.


Green Sister 54

The scenery passed the window smoothly, not in the blur she expected when she realized they were flying. GS watched intently, hoping that something would jog her mind and let her know where they were. For a while, they were surrounded by the same flowers they had been in, but then things changed. A white fence reminiscent of the picket fences GS was familiar with, only eight feet tall, marked a boundary between the flower garden and a bustling town.

The houses were laid out in neat rows, each one brightly colored. To her mind, they appeared garish... a purple house with lime green trim and shutters, a yellow home with orange trim. The people, however, she saw walking on the sidewalks were dressed in unrelenting black. Once she saw a small girl on the sidewalk with a bright red bow in her hair, but her mother rushed out from the house, yanked the bow out, and GS could hear her yelling, "Neko... what are you doing?" before they were out of earshot. She glanced back at Mark and saw he'd seen the interplay as well. He had furrows between his brows and a dark look in his eyes.

The machine began slowing down and GS looked through the front glass. She gasped and reached over to grab Mark's hand. There, directly in front of them, was a large, white orb which glowed with a luminescence similar to what they had found in the cave. GS felt the familiar tingling begin in her legs and squeezed Mark's hand tightly.