Adventures of the Green Sister

Join me in the adventures of the Green Sister, where nobody knows what will happen... including the author!


Green Sister 49

If she could just get close enough to Nancy...

Nancy turned her attention back to the widening hole and GS sidled around behind her. The force of the black hole pulled on her, nearly pulling her off balance. She needed something to hold on to... something that would anchor her.

A little mental tickle distracted her momentarily, but then she realized... it was Mark. Like a leach, she hooked onto his thoughts and drew strength from them. He was her anchor, her mainstay to the world she was trying desperately to save. With new assurance, she walked behind Nancy and, with a sudden shove, pushed her and her machine into the black hole. As Nancy's scream of rage died out, the black hole closed in on itself, following the pulse of the machine Nancy still held in her grasp.

She drew a deep shuddering breath in and realized, in surprise, tears streaming down her cheeks. What if... echoed through her mind. What if she had been more perceptive in high school? What if she had reached out to that girl that nobody liked? What could have been changed and avoided? With a fresh load of guilt, she turned and followed Mark's thoughts back to the wall and walked through.

"Thank God you are here!" He grabbed her shoulders and shook her as she came into the room, all lights now dimmed. "They took Lee. He's gone!"


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