Adventures of the Green Sister

Join me in the adventures of the Green Sister, where nobody knows what will happen... including the author!


Green Sister 48

She found herself in a cavernous room. The walls pulsed faintly with the colors that had been present in the last room, but the room itself was heavy with silence. It was as if a veil had been dropped when she crossed the barrier that shielded her from everything behind her. She glanced back, but was not surprised to see that Mark and Lee had not followed her. She had half expected they would not be able to.

Focusing her attention on the room, she allowed her gaze to sweep the emptiness. At the far end, she could see a variance in the pulsing colors. A circular darkness. She knew that's where she would find Nancy the Black. That's where she would discover Nancy's secret. That's where she would either destroy Nancy, or be destroyed herself in the process.

Her gaze steady, she progressed into the room, making a straight line for the darkness. It seemed to grow larger as she approached and, at first, she thought it was merely an illusion based on the fact she was getting closer to it. However, she realized soon that it was no illusion at all. The darkness was indeed getting larger, the power of pi multiplying it.

Nancy stood to the side of the black hole, in her hands a small metalic box. She turned to look at GS and her mouth twisted in a mocking smile.

"Have you come to see my new toy?" the black-clad brunette called. There was a glint in her eye that suggested madness.

GS stopped and watched the growing circle for a moment.

"If that continues to grow," she said, conversationally, "you know it will destroy you as well."

Nancy shrugged. "It is a far, far better world I go to," she said.

"'It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known,'" GS corrected her.

Nancy turned her head away from GS and stared at the circle again. "You were always the one who knew all that literature crap," she said. "What made that so exciting to everyone, I never knew. Always winning prizes for writing and reading... you sucked at math though, but did anyone ever give me a prize? And then, you took Gerald away from me."

"Is that what everything was about in high school? Why you hated me so much? Because you thought I stole a boy from you?" GS could hear the incredulity in her own voice. People didn't decide to destroy the world because they lost a boyfriend.

"He was going to ask me to the prom... I know he was. He asked me if I would help him with his math homework."

GS shook her head. "Gerald was a dumb jock. He asked everyone for help with his homework. I never knew why you suddenly got so cold. I always admired your talent in math classes. I wasn't born with the math gene, but you were good. I really expected you to do great things."

Nancy faced GS again. "I have done great things. Greater than you, with your silly little romance books have done. But, was the committee going to honor me this year at the class reunion?"

GS's head started spinning. She could feel the black hole exerting a pull on her that was becoming difficult to resist. She had to do something to stop Nancy, and she had to do it now.


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