Adventures of the Green Sister

Join me in the adventures of the Green Sister, where nobody knows what will happen... including the author!


Green Sister 47

"But..." Lee started.

GS raised her eyes to his and his lips pressed together. The men joined their hands and looked around, their eyes darting. GS closed her eyes, willing the men to do the same. Whether they did or not, GS tuned her consciousness to the low pulsing.

By focusing her attention on her hearing and not being distracted by her other senses, GS soon perceived a hidden rhythm. A cadence that stood out among the other, more random sounds. A cadence that spoke of meaning, of order.

She began to count the beat. Not quite four, a little more than three. The beat... it was coming from the source. It had to be. Trying to determine the direction of that one beat, she furrowed her brow. She tipped her head to the side, then sighed.

"Follow me," she said quietly, as she first squeezed Mark and Lee's hands, then released them. Turning to the left, she walked toward the wall and, as she reached it, did not hesitate but walked through it, as if there were no wall there at all.


At 9:58 AM, Blogger Marianne Arkins said...

Not quite four, a little more than three...

Could it be 3.14?

Glad you posted again!!

yizjq - You incited zooilogical journalists quizzes!


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