Adventures of the Green Sister

Join me in the adventures of the Green Sister, where nobody knows what will happen... including the author!


Green Sister 53

"Are you sure we should be doing this?" Mark's voice held a worried tone as he pulled GS back from the machine.

"If there was anything to be concerned about, my danger sense would be sending alarms... and it's not, so for right now things are safe enough."

"What if your powers don't work here? Wherever here is."

For answer, GS pointed her finger at a small rock on the path. Instantly it froze and shattered into fragments.

"Don't worry so much. Did you hear what he said?" GS said, pulling Mark along. "He said that we're not the first ones to have come here. I'm sure if we go along with him, somehow he will take us to Lee."

"I hope you know what you're doing."

They reached the machine, which rested on a path they'd not been able to see, and climbed up the rope ladder into a machine with four small seats and a myriad of controls on the dashboard. The driver commanded them to strap themselves in, the door closed with a gentle sigh, and the machine hovered in the air a moment before turning and heading back in the direction it had come from. GS and Mark looked at each other as they heard the legs folding up against the bottom of the machine.

Mark whispered, "This thing sure flies faster than it walks. He must be in a hurry to get us back to the compound."

GS just nodded her head and focused her attention out the small porthole set in the side of the machine. This was a machine unlike any she'd ever seen, with flowers stretching as far as her eye could see. Although she acted confident with Mark, she hadn't been at all sure her powers would work wherever they were. One thing was certain though... it would take all her skills and powers to determine where they were and how they could get home.


Green Sister 52

"Where on earth are we?" Mark asked, looking around him. "And, where do you think Lee is?"

"I don't know," GS replied, her voice low. "I don't even know if we are on earth any more." She pointed to the horizon. "Look at that."

Coming towards them was a large mechanical-looking structure, walking on four spindly, jointed legs. The flowers waved in its path, but none appeared to get crushed. When it was about twelve feet in front of them, the machine stopped, a hatch on its side lifted and a man's voice said, "What are you two doing out here? You are crushing the flowers and the chief is not going to be happy."

Mark and GS looked at each other.

GS found her voice first and said, "We're lost. Can you tell us where we are?"

"Oh, botheration," the man said, exasperation evident in his voice. "Not more of you. Come on over here. I'll take you back to the impound and the chief can explain everything to you." He let down a rope ladder while Mark and GS gripped hands tightly and walked over to the machine.


Green Sister 51

GS and Mark retraced their way out of the cave without seeing any signs of Lee, a struggle or even their own footsteps from earlier. When they reached the mouth of the cave, they stepped out to a landscape neither had seen before. Instead of the wooded area the cave entrance had been previously, there was now a lush field of wildflowers. Stepping out of the cave, they looked behind them just in time to see the cave door closing on itself like a wormhole or stargate from some science fiction show, leaving only the horizon... blue, pink, yellow flowers as far as the eye could see.

GS looked over at Mark.

"Toto," she said, "I don't think we're in Kansas any more."


Green Sister 50

GS froze, her chest tightening. Lee? Missing? Other than her aunt, Lee was her only living relative. She reached up and grabbed Mark's wrists, pulling them down from her shoulders.

"Who is 'they'? Tell me what happened."

Mark took a deep shuddering breath.

"When you walked through the wall, we tried to follow," he said, reaching up and rubbing his nose. "For some reason, though, the wall was solid again. We searched the entire wall, looking for some switch or hollow spot or something. There was nothing... nothing at all that we could find. All we could do was stand here and wonder what was going on. Did you find Nancy the Black?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah," she said, realizing her experience with Nancy had dimmed with her return and the news about Lee. "Go on. What happened next?"

"I walked over there," he said, pointing to a column in the far corner, "to see if I could discover anything else and Lee walked back to the opening. That's when it happened."

"Mark! What happened?"

He looked away from her and down at the floor, all blood draining from his face. A deep breath and he looked at GS again.

"He jerked a couple of times, like he was being pulled. Then, he was pulled into the cavern, screaming. I started to go after him, but felt you pulling me back to this wall." He looked helplessly at GS. "I tried to help him, but I failed."

GS reached out and patted him on the arm. "We'll get him back. Let's head back. Maybe we'll find some trace of him on the way out."


Green Sister 49

If she could just get close enough to Nancy...

Nancy turned her attention back to the widening hole and GS sidled around behind her. The force of the black hole pulled on her, nearly pulling her off balance. She needed something to hold on to... something that would anchor her.

A little mental tickle distracted her momentarily, but then she realized... it was Mark. Like a leach, she hooked onto his thoughts and drew strength from them. He was her anchor, her mainstay to the world she was trying desperately to save. With new assurance, she walked behind Nancy and, with a sudden shove, pushed her and her machine into the black hole. As Nancy's scream of rage died out, the black hole closed in on itself, following the pulse of the machine Nancy still held in her grasp.

She drew a deep shuddering breath in and realized, in surprise, tears streaming down her cheeks. What if... echoed through her mind. What if she had been more perceptive in high school? What if she had reached out to that girl that nobody liked? What could have been changed and avoided? With a fresh load of guilt, she turned and followed Mark's thoughts back to the wall and walked through.

"Thank God you are here!" He grabbed her shoulders and shook her as she came into the room, all lights now dimmed. "They took Lee. He's gone!"


Green Sister 48

She found herself in a cavernous room. The walls pulsed faintly with the colors that had been present in the last room, but the room itself was heavy with silence. It was as if a veil had been dropped when she crossed the barrier that shielded her from everything behind her. She glanced back, but was not surprised to see that Mark and Lee had not followed her. She had half expected they would not be able to.

Focusing her attention on the room, she allowed her gaze to sweep the emptiness. At the far end, she could see a variance in the pulsing colors. A circular darkness. She knew that's where she would find Nancy the Black. That's where she would discover Nancy's secret. That's where she would either destroy Nancy, or be destroyed herself in the process.

Her gaze steady, she progressed into the room, making a straight line for the darkness. It seemed to grow larger as she approached and, at first, she thought it was merely an illusion based on the fact she was getting closer to it. However, she realized soon that it was no illusion at all. The darkness was indeed getting larger, the power of pi multiplying it.

Nancy stood to the side of the black hole, in her hands a small metalic box. She turned to look at GS and her mouth twisted in a mocking smile.

"Have you come to see my new toy?" the black-clad brunette called. There was a glint in her eye that suggested madness.

GS stopped and watched the growing circle for a moment.

"If that continues to grow," she said, conversationally, "you know it will destroy you as well."

Nancy shrugged. "It is a far, far better world I go to," she said.

"'It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known,'" GS corrected her.

Nancy turned her head away from GS and stared at the circle again. "You were always the one who knew all that literature crap," she said. "What made that so exciting to everyone, I never knew. Always winning prizes for writing and reading... you sucked at math though, but did anyone ever give me a prize? And then, you took Gerald away from me."

"Is that what everything was about in high school? Why you hated me so much? Because you thought I stole a boy from you?" GS could hear the incredulity in her own voice. People didn't decide to destroy the world because they lost a boyfriend.

"He was going to ask me to the prom... I know he was. He asked me if I would help him with his math homework."

GS shook her head. "Gerald was a dumb jock. He asked everyone for help with his homework. I never knew why you suddenly got so cold. I always admired your talent in math classes. I wasn't born with the math gene, but you were good. I really expected you to do great things."

Nancy faced GS again. "I have done great things. Greater than you, with your silly little romance books have done. But, was the committee going to honor me this year at the class reunion?"

GS's head started spinning. She could feel the black hole exerting a pull on her that was becoming difficult to resist. She had to do something to stop Nancy, and she had to do it now.


Green Sister 47

"But..." Lee started.

GS raised her eyes to his and his lips pressed together. The men joined their hands and looked around, their eyes darting. GS closed her eyes, willing the men to do the same. Whether they did or not, GS tuned her consciousness to the low pulsing.

By focusing her attention on her hearing and not being distracted by her other senses, GS soon perceived a hidden rhythm. A cadence that stood out among the other, more random sounds. A cadence that spoke of meaning, of order.

She began to count the beat. Not quite four, a little more than three. The beat... it was coming from the source. It had to be. Trying to determine the direction of that one beat, she furrowed her brow. She tipped her head to the side, then sighed.

"Follow me," she said quietly, as she first squeezed Mark and Lee's hands, then released them. Turning to the left, she walked toward the wall and, as she reached it, did not hesitate but walked through it, as if there were no wall there at all.