Adventures of the Green Sister

Join me in the adventures of the Green Sister, where nobody knows what will happen... including the author!


Green Sister 45

Mark and Lee looked at each other and then, quickly, both looked at the ground. GS watched them and then, convinced they were going to behave for a while anyway, shook her head and walked away. She made her way to an area where the pulsing seemed stronger, the color more vibrant. As she grew closer, a light scent began to envelope her. She sniffed. It was elusive... a pleasing aroma that teased her with familiarity, yet she was unable to put a name to it. She knew she'd encountered it before, but where?

"Mark, Lee," she called out. "Come here a minute and tell me what you think."

Mark reached her first and looked around him. "It smells like someone is making a pizza in here."

Lee stopped short a foot away from them. "I don't want to know where you buy your pizza, man. It sounds like someone has been roasting old gym shoes, to me."

GS looked at the two of them in confusion. How could they all be experiencing the aroma in such different ways? And what could it mean?


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